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My name is Siti Nurul Aini Bt.A.Rasid. Just call me Aini. I'm from Terengganu. I live at Kg Sungai Serai, Bukit Payong, Marang, Terengganu. I have 6 siblings . I'm the youngest sister. Before this , i studied at Sek.Men.Teknik Wakaf  Tembusu , Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu. 

After the transformation of education's policy, now the school turn to vocational school . I was there 2 years, form 4 and form 5. 

I have  parents, my father's name is A.Rasid bin Said and my mother's name is Siti Patimah bt Jambol . My parents doing bussiness at Pasar Payang Terengganu . My father selling fruities , such as durian,banana.pineapple ,papaya and more. Beside that , my mother selling foods such as tapai pulut,kuih bahulu,pau goreng,nasi lemak,nasi dagang,nasi himpit and more . 

When semester breaks i always help my mother and  my father at Pasar Payang for business . When i finished SPM , i followed Program Latihan Khidmat negara.(Plkn). For first time i got plkn , i'm not agree because i dont  like go to plkn. But with the persuasion of family , i finally went well in the plkn.first i go kem plkn,i see difference people such as chinese,indian and malay.in kem plkn i get many experience such as,i get playing flying fork,confident water,strand of metal and anymore.after i finish plkn,i further studies in college Inforana at Terengganu.i take the course the hospitality.

i study hopitality during six months.three month i learn theory and three month i practical.after that,i go to practical in the resort during three months.name place i practical is Sutra Beach Resort and Spa at merang,setiu terengganu.from there,i learn much entity such as cooking with chef and speaking with customers from Mexico,china,Amerika Syarikat,India and manymore. , i got learnt how to give services to customers,take order from customers and more.After i finish practical, i'm working at the village as clerk at workshop colouring car . i always went to the city for bank in money into a bank..I'm working during five month after that,i quit my jobs and i continues study at Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Selangor [KUIS].

I take course business management.i very interested in business.Besides that, i want develop more business my parents and i aspire to open my own business.If Allah will ameen....

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