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Thursday, 8 September 2011


There she is, your mom. The person who raised you and loved you and who can comfort you best and can annoy you the most. Dealing with your mom when you're all grown up can be challenging. She took eighteen year out of her life to raise you. Maybe you're looking for a little time you could carve out to repay that huge kindness. Find out how to improve one of the most complex relationships you'll ever have.


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      If your mother lives far from you, call your mother. Then a few days later, call her again. Then call her again. Call to listen to her. Find out about what she's doing, ask her questions and listen again. The most important thing you can give her is your time, to hear about her life and care about how she's feeling and what she's doing. Just listen to the sound of her voice. It's a reassuring and you probably know it by heart. If you let it, it doesn't matter what she's saying. The sound alone can nurture you.
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      If your mother lives far, write her a letter or arrange a trip to go and see her and spend time with her. If your mother lives close, or with you, set aside ten minutes every day to visit with her. Just a quick phone call, or if she's with you in person, stop and chat with her. Give her your full attention. Find at least one thing to compliment her genuinely on. Enjoy seeing her face, and loving her.
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      If you see your mother every day, hug her every day. If you see her once a week, hug her at least three times during your visit to see her. Give her as much of your affection as you both can take.
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      Draw, write or make something special for your mom. Create a card, or knit a scarf, draw a picture or write down a memory of a time you both shared that was meaningful to you. While you're creating your homemade gift to her, think about all the things you like about her, the things that make you glad she's your mom. You might be surprised once you focus on the good, how much good will come to you, all the bad and annoying things filtering out. Feel her good qualities, the times she made you feel good, or surprised you. Even if your scarf comes out lumpy or your brownies taste really bad, your heart will be opened with all the thoughts of love for your mom.
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      Mail or present your gift to your mom. While you are sharing it with her, tell her some of the good things you were thinking about her while you were making the gift. Celebrate the gift and your mom by giving her a hug.
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      Try to think of one thing a week you can do special for your mom. Asking her out to the movies or dinner, spending time talking on the phone, treating her to a manicure or a pedicure. Find out what really makes her feel good and see if you can help make her days sparkle.
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      Go to sleep at night knowing you are highlighting the love you have for your mom, and helping to deepen the bond you share in hopes of a more open, happier and gentle relationship. She gave you life. Enjoy her!


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